How is G4G different from other alliances?

How is G4G different from other alliances?

G4G is a professionally managed organization founded by a Leadership Team who possess a wealth of large, global professional services experience.  We are solely focused in this area; we know the business of professional services.  These executives led some of the largest consulting firms in world.  This fact is a clear differentiator from other voluntary associations and alliances.

Synergy: We understand the importance of synergy among member firms and we work hard at achieving it.

Enabling growth: We believe that in order to grow and expand there are fundamental activities that you must perform.  Often times you may be unable to do this given time and cost restraints.  We will work with you to promote your brand through thought leadership and case studies, PR, training to employees, and guidance to your leaders.  We want you to focus on delivering for your clients and securing new business. 

Enabling delivery: We understand that as a small or medium size organization you are focused on attracting new customers, but your platform must be ready to deliver, and deliver well.  We can help you setup all of your CRM & ERP tools and negotiate group contracts to help you reduce your cost on items such as medical insurance, hotels, transportation, etc.

Quality: We understand that the key to a successful alliance is the careful selection of member firms.  Thorough vetting of companies is a key component of G4G’s business strategy.

Multidisciplinary approach: G4G covers a wide range of complementary services which fosters collaborative working relationships and adds value to members. This enables G4G member firms to serve their clients better. All of our members benefit from having access to a wide range of professional services firms all over the world.

Independence: Each G4G member firm maintains its independence and company name.  You belong to a large, global organization, but your business is still your own.