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Networking is simply getting the right message, to the right person at the right time.

Written By rruff - October, 19 2014

Sales reps that are able to share engaging stories that resonate with customers can make a more compelling connection between their solution and the customer’s needs.

Written By rruff - October, 19 2014

Many companies are now hiring millennials – a move that expands generational diversity of their sales teams. It also raises a couple of significant questions like: How do you engage millennial sales reps?

Written By rruff - October, 08 2014

Middle managers are the key to implementing C-Suite strategic initiatives.  In 2011, Wharton’s Ethan Mollick shared that mid-level managers could have greater impact on c

Written By rruff - October, 06 2014

According to Accenture over the last decade companies are increasingly adopting the key account manager model (KAM) in response to the consolidation of buying power in the B2B sector.

Written By rruff - October, 03 2014