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On 3 March 2014, Hong Kong issued a new Companies Ordinance ("CO").  The new CO is not simply a re-write of the current doctrine, it more clearly defines the powers and authority of the Companies Registry (“CR”).  Please click on the link below for the full PDF.

Written By belinda - March, 04 2014

In the old days, if you wanted to be known and recognized, you had to stand up on a high place or take the theater stage and shout.  People would hear you and listen to you.

Written By Mohammed Hajjar - March, 02 2014

What differentiates a successful company from a mediocre one? The successful company made the right decisions at the right time. We are the cumulative result of the decisions we make.

Written By mhajjar - February, 26 2014

They're banding together with other solo operators in setups called "hives".

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Written By - February, 18 2014

9 Out Of 10 Americans Are Completely Wrong About This Mind-Blowing Fact Prepare to have your mind blown at 1:05, 1:41, 3:50, 5:20, and 5:50.

Written By randa - January, 27 2014