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Customer Experience Vs EconomyDec 19, 2014

Written By asim - December, 19 2014

Our colleague, Andy Paul, has just published a new book – Amp Up Your Sales. We thought it was interesting – and asked Andy to share some of the ideas contained in the book in this guest post …

Written By rruff - December, 12 2014

Every once in awhile in any field it is useful to get down into the weeds – explore language, word usage, and other things that go bump in the night.

Written By rruff - December, 12 2014

As VPs of Sales and Sales Training Directors think about the sales training to achieve their 2015 sales goals, many decisions need to be made: ranging from what the sales training will cover – to how it’s delivered (online or face-to-face or blended) – to when the sales training will be conducted

Written By rruff - December, 08 2014

Too many salespeople spend too little time selling and too much time doing stuff that either needs not be done or should be done by others.  So let’s not make the problem worse by spending the sales time available pursuing bad business.  One-way to avoid this problem is to “up” t

Written By rruff - December, 05 2014