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Sales conversations are more engaging than sales presentations – talking with is more effective than talking at.

Written By rruff - July, 30 2014

Achieving sales excellence is not a business as usual challenge.  Industries are going through transformational changes that are impacting what companies buy, how they buy, and what they are willing to pay for it.

Written By rruff - July, 23 2014

In July last year, the world woke up to a $35 billion merger announcement of US based advertising giant Omnicom and its French counterpart Publicis, initiated to cope with an evolving advertising industry dominated by tech giants like Google and Facebook.

Written By contact - July, 22 2014

Sales coaching - sales managers tell us that it is critical for sales success, but they either run out of time or just do not have the skills to be successful.

Written By rruff - July, 21 2014

What separates successful entrepreneurs from those who are less successful? Gallup studied 2,500 entrepreneurs to understand the actions and decisions that would answer that question.

Written By rruff - July, 18 2014