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Centers of Excellence (COEs) are evolved operating  units in an organization, that  drive a culture of continuous innovation, improvement & excellence through internal & external benchmarking, besides facilitating cross pollination of  “best practices/next practices” across the organizati

Written By bawa.g - June, 30 2014

The one of the biggest obstacles small to medium sized businesses face in their quest for growth is their own ignorance.

Written By Mohammed Hajjar - June, 26 2014

We can’t expect to tear market share away from our massive competitors by modeling our businesses after them. If we play the game like they have, we may grow, but we’ll remain years behind, always struggling to catch up.

Written By Mohammed Hajjar - June, 24 2014

Successful managers understand how crucial hiring is to their business. Hiring is a struggle for many businesses because it’s often done under duress. You usually don’t hire someone until your operation requires it. A new client or project forces you to expand suddenly, or a poorly timed exodus of employees require replacements.

Written By Mohammed Hajjar - June, 19 2014



We are a new company in Romania, having as business activity the management and business consulting.

Written By office - June, 19 2014