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I read an interesting article today, and made me think about all the non-sense stuff I have listened to, and said over the years (thinking it made sense) to my subordinates, colleagues and bosses.

Written By asim - May, 29 2014

I am one of the few professionals who have had the chance to work on both sides of the table. What I'm about to tell you is first-hand experience from 18 years as a management consultant and later as a senior executive at an investment bank.

Written By Mohammed Hajjar - May, 29 2014

You launch your business and focus on your service, all the while dreaming of the money and glory. Each month, however, reality slowly sinks in. Your once-glorious spirit diminishes. You grow depressed and tired; you seek answers. Growth and wealth eludes you. You read the right books, followed the right blogs, and heeded the right experts. What could have gone wrong?

Written By Mohammed Hajjar - May, 27 2014

The last couple of years have produced a number of challenges for those engaged in the B2B market.  Some of the problems will be temporary and as the economy improves the challenge will fade – while others will become new permanent fixtures on the landscape.  Let’s examine a scenario that highlig

Written By rruff - May, 26 2014