Millennials As Hospitality Employees

Millennials as Hospitality Employees; how do you see them?

I say, protect your future, by investing in Millennials. Create a job they love, understand and can add value to. Just telling them what to do, may not be the best strategy. A few years ago, during my visit to a property struggling to fill front office positions, I spoke to one of the employees. Her goal was to save enough money to visit Europe. The job was a means to achieve her goal to travel, the job itself was not her goal. Mindset has changed.

Retaining top Millennial talent

  • Career satisfaction, flexibility, and work-life balance will drive loyalty and establish relevant motivators for Millennials
  • Mentorship is a must, with regular and frequent feedback. Millennials have a different mindset; companies who empower their employees will be ahead of the game

Engaging and motivating Millennial employees

  • Company culture is a key motivator. We need to help Millennials differentiate between social media and professional life media
  • Companies have to modify their SOPs to retain top Millennial employees. I remember when you were not allowed to carry your cellphone at work, or tattoos were a taboo…lots has changed now

Effective training for Millennials

  • Show and tell, a real time learning environment, constant and regular feedback on their performance. The traditional performance evaluation process is in need for a fundamental change
  • It’s a global environment, where millennials have great grasp of technology; it is important to allow them to leverage it to help them excel. Create a speedy career advancement path

Millennials managing Millennials

  • Show and explain to them what is possible, how they can achieve it, and help them with a road map. It has to be authentic and genuine.
  • Create a sense of purpose, and align it with company goals. As we are adjusting to a millennial work force, Generation Z is not too far behind, and they are different than their senior Millennials

Generation Z predictions

They are more entrepreneurial, and prefer a hands-on approach

  • Quality of money will be as important as money itself
  • Dedication and more self-direction will guide their paths
  • They will work with many more employers
  • A face-to-face approach is their preferred means of communication
  • Their collaborative nature will apply to all their actions
  • They will not be too big on multi-tasking

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Asim H Ibrahim is the CEO of Lakeshore Hospitality Group, a consulting firm with roots in customer service and hospitality sector. You can find him on Twitter @LakeshoreHGroup or Lakeshore Hospitality Group

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