Millennials as Hospitality Customers

With only five years to go until we reach 2020, it is time to look into predictions on how our industry will evolve! And what better topic to focus on first than “Millennials”; with all of the recent craze about this demographic becoming dominant in our industry, it’s worth looking into it with more detail.

Six Predictions:

  • 50% of travellers will be millennials by the year 2020
  • They will have tremendous travel spending power
  • They will be drawn towards new/modified concepts, hotels included
  • Millennials will prove to be unafraid to try new hotels/brands; it’s about the global experience
  • The cool factor will continue to be important for millennials; Can I Instagram it? Can I tweet about it?
  • They will be driven by indigenous, independent and authentic experiences

Six Trends:

  • Information: as it’s happening now, quick, real and relevant
  • Social media: free Wi-Fi, technology that works to support millennial life styles
  • Social interaction: high energy (on/off line), the need to be/stay connected
  • Hotel booking: shorter confirmation windows, last minute snap decisions for great deals
  • Balance: interchangeable work/social space; eat, socialize and work in the same zone
  • Mindset: socially responsible, supporting green efforts








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Asim H Ibrahim is the Founder/CEO of Lakeshore Hospitality Group, a consulting firm with roots in customer service and hospitality sector. You can find him on Twitter @LakeshoreHGroup

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