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Become a Proniter

G4G admits to the global alliance professional service firms that are credible, provide world class service to their clients and can contribute to building a global professoinal organization

After completing all necessary admission requirements,  you become an "owner member" of G4G which is a true collaborative organization, with all the rights of profit sharing through a nominal share account.  

Being an Owner-Member of G4G provides you with the following:

  • Maintain Independence: You are your own firm.  Independent.  You choose how and when you wish to scale.
  • Promote your business as a member of a global firm: You can access larger clients, negotiate larger contracts and command higher fees.
  • Earn Profits: Through the "owner member model",  you receive yearly dividends based on your contribution efforts to grow the organization.
  • Increase Brand Recognition: You know you need to market your services but you don't have the time or infrastructure to do it.  We built a powerful communication platform to market and promote your brand and experience. Just use it!
  • Reduce Risk: Growth comes with risk.  Extending your reach and network through G4G minimizes risk through qualified and vetted relationships.
  • Minimize Cost: Growth can be expensive.  Minimize cash expenditures through joining G4G and accelerate your return on investment.

Simply fill out our membership application form.

All information you submit will remain strictly confidential. By submitting your membership application, you agree to our Terms & Conditions and confirm that you have read our Data Use & Privacy Policy

We will contact you within five business days after reviewing your application, after which we will conduct an interview with you to learn more about your business and your qualification to join G4G.