How It Works

G4G is your growth platform, all  you have to do is use it.

Once a business becomes a member, there are variety of services to benefit from:

  1. Promote your business as a member of a global firm: By using the existing marketing material, membership logo and other communication collateral, you are immediately recognized as part of a large organization that provides services around the world.  Hence, you can access larger clients, negotiate larger contracts and command higher fees.
  2. Tell others what you are looking for: Identify members that would add value to you and contact them directly or through the G4G engagement manager who is available to help you accelerate finding what you're looking for.  Sometimes you may need a particular expertise or solution that you may not have in your office, post it on the iNeed forum and let others help you
  3. Use G4G for business development: G4G is built around collaboration.  Members will propose services to you, within your expertise, and it will be up to both of you to decide on the business relationship.  Furthermore, leads and business opportunities that are received by G4G from potential clients will be directly transferred to you.
  4. Sell your solutions and products in the Knoweldge Center: Professional firms create solutions that others may need.  By selling your solutions and products, you enable other firms to buy what you have created and improve on it.  Why start from scratch if someone else has done it before.  Post material on the Knowledge Store and identify the price that you would like to receive when other members download it.  G4G will transfer the money directly to your account after subtracting applicable fees.
  5. Let the world know about your business: No matter how good you are, if the world doesn't know about you, you will have hard time growing your business.  Use G4G communication platform by writing articles and press releases and posting it directly into G4G.  We will do the rest to publish and spread your name in markets of your choice.  We have access to over 500,000 journalists and we will get your voice heard.
  6. Celebrate your achievements: If  you sign interesting contracts or have achieved something worth talking about, share the news with your peers and your clients by posting news on G4G.
  7. Receive significant business perks from G4G: Given the size of G4G, we are able to negotiate corporate discounts on services that you need to manage & grow your business such as training & development as well as other purchases

Today’s global business environment demands high-quality service providers with clout that can respond to client demands quickly and efficiently, wherever they may be.  It would be costly and time consuming for your business to work alone.  Use the G4G platform to your advantage.  We are your corporate function ready to help you grow.