Profit Sharing

G4G is built by professional firms for professional firms and therefore members automatically become owners when they sign up.  The company has implemented a true cooperative program where members own 50% of the company and drive decision making inside the orgnization.

Our cooperative model is called owner member model (OMM) and it is:

  1. Transparent;
  2. Simple; and
  3. Fair 

The model is made up of two major attributes: 1) performance & 2) loyalty

Performance: 50% profit sharing

G4G offers 50% of its profits to its members based on a nominal shares program. Upon sign up, members become shareholders of G4G, and are rewarded for their performance during the year:

  1. A member receives automatically nominal shares when paying the membership fees in the value of the amount that has been paid (i.e. 1$ = 1 unit) and therefore becomes an owner-member or Proniter, professional uniter.
  2. During the year, a proniter, contributes to the growth of the organization by using more services and admitting more members from different sectors.  The proniter receives additional units when a new member joins in and pays the required fees (i.e. 1 new paid member = 300 units)
  3. At the end of the year 50% of G4G paid out profits will be distributed to members based on the total number of units they have accumulated during the fiscal year. (see example at the end of this section)


Loyalty: Value of nominal shares

If G4G goes public or is acquired through a private equity transaction, 50% of the value of the deal is distributed among proniters based on the average of total units accumulated during the past 5 years.

Proniters can retain units in G4G as long as they remain active and pay their yearly fees.

Why the Cooperative Model

The mix of self-help and collaboration makes the cooperative model successful and contributes to improving the performance of independent professional firms around the world.  It gives a reason and drive to business owners from around the globe to work together, exchange resources and referrals and use the strong platform that was presented to them by G4G.

Today’s technology has changed the world and how business is done.  The one-way business structure dictated by the corporate office doesn’t work anymore and the world needs a collaborative model that brings talent and resources together enabled by a strong global platform. 

Almost all small & medium size businesses have an eye on expanding their market, yet few have the capability or resources to do so. Global expansion is costly and risky, however G4G has created a risk-free environment to pilot expansion by getting members to collaborate together by using other firms in different regions or countries as bridges to reach new clients. 

Yet, connecting businesses together cannot be left to chance.  Businesses need a platform that brings them together and work with on matters that are important to the growth such business development, marketing & communication, resource exchange and best of all the prestige of a global organization.

How does the Cooperative Owner Operator Model work:

Suppose your firm joins the membership program and during the year you only invite 10 other firms, from different industries or regions, to become G4G members or proniters.  The number of Units owned by your firm are:







10 Invitation at 300 units each (10 x 300)

Between $3,000 and $6,000


Total Units




Therefore as a proniter in this example, you own 7,500 units which is the base for calculating your profits at the end of the year.

At year end and after closing the financial books, 50% of the profits generated by G4G will be distributed to members.  For example:


During Year

50% of Profits


Total Members


Total Units per member (sample)


Total number of units (4,000 x 7,500)


Profits per unit


Average profits per member


Your firm will receive your share of the distributed profits either by bank transfer or deducted from next year’s membership fee.