About G4G

G4G, Professionals United, is the fastest growing platform for small & medium size professional firms to collaborate together to address one common pain they have: How to Grow Profitably in a world dominated by Big Players.

It is the first global organization that uses a cooperative model, where members are owners of the company with 50% of the profits paid out to them at the end of each year based on a specific performance model

It is the fastest growing multi-sector, global alliance of professional firms. By its nature, G4G is a global tribe delivering three things:

  1. Clout & global recognition: You belong to a global professional firm that is recognized and respected by your clients.  Hence you have access to institutional & corporate clients, larger deals and can charge higher fees.
  2. Deal flow: the G4G name and market presence attracts direct deals from targeted clients.  At the same time, members work together to collaborate on existing opportunities or transfer them between each other.
  3. Access to resources: We have built a very powerful marketing & communication platform to help you market your business at a local, regional & global level.  Smalll & medium size firms don't have the time or resources to invest in communication, so G4G did it on their behalf and it's ready to be used.  With access to over 500,000 journalists around the world, your business is ready to go global from the first day.

G4G is registered in the US with headquarters in Chicago. We have over 114 member firms in 37 countries with an expert base that exceeds 2,500 professionals.

We are not an online networking organization.  We are a global company that uses online technology to provide services to independent professional members.

To learn more about how G4G provides value to your firm, read the How it Works section. If you prefer to speak directly with us, schedule a conference call with our President.